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We understand the demands faced by staff and facilities. We help fill openings, and improve efficiency and labour relations. We focus on quality assurance, professionalism and productivity.

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Cost savings

Reduce overtime costs and financial pressures caused by staff shortages. Our flexible services save you money on overtime with little to no administrative fees. We cover Workers’ Compensation fees for our staff and most orientation costs so both staff and employer are confident and prepared for short-term coverage.

Rapid response

Our scheduling department is open 7 days a week including weekends and holidays to fill immediate staff vacancies in your facility.

Flexible contracts

Maximize flexibility and efficiency with short and long-term assistance. Cover immediate needs like sick leave and vacations, or longer terms like sabbaticals, maternity leaves, and interim manager or director of care coverage.

Staff relief

Maintain worker morale and safety by reducing overtime with our staff placements. We provide relief when you need it and help prevent the crisis of unexpected staff shortages.

Union friendly

We support nursing unions, working alongside the BCNU for over two decades. Utilizing our staff supports a healthy working environment by reducing stress and burnout for all. An amount equivalent to union dues is paid by each health region to the union for hours worked by our nurses.