Staff Resources

Helpful resources for current staff and healthcare workers.


Staff documents are available for direct download. Timesheets and calendars can be submitted electronically by email. Please click the links below to download the PDF files.


Helpful links to BC government resources for healthcare workers, including accreditation and registration.

Employment Information

Our company insurance plan is specifically geared to the BC medical environment and includes a full “Errors and Omissions” * component. In all cases, our staff members are covered for our work assignments. In many instances, our RN/RPN/LPN staff members have three layers of coverage:
  1. the Health Staffing Insurance Policy
  2. the RN/RPN/LPN insurance through the BCCNM
  3. the insurance policy of the facility in which the work takes place
* “Errors and Omissions” applies to things done by a staff member that may be implicated in a claim, but also applies to things not done by a staff member that should have been done.

With Health Staffing, you can work as a contractor instead of as an employee to gain significant advantages under Canadian tax laws. The principal advantage is that your place of work is your own home. You may deduct the costs of getting to each work assignment (including vehicle depreciation, insurance, and maintenance). This factor alone is worth several thousand dollars to many of our staff. Many other costs directly related to your work with our agency become eligible deductions: e.g., telephone, pager, fax, computer equipment, attendance at conferences and workshops.

To work as a nurse with Health Staffing, you must be registered with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). The registration process with BCCNM is independent of the immigration/visa process and is always handled directly between the BCCNM and each applicant. Internationally educated nurses who have never been registered in Canada may be eligible to register to practice as an RN in B.C. To start a BCCNM application, you must first apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). After you complete the NNAS process, BCCNM may require you to undergo a competency assessment. Therefore, you should start your application process now. This takes about 5 to 6 weeks. Further information for foreign applicants can be found on the BCCNM website here. You will need to send the BCNNM your English language test score before they process your application. Acceptance from the BCCNM does not guarantee employment. Please contact us with your results from BCCNM as soon as you receive them.